Payment Services for
Healthcare Professionals


Save on ALL your card payments!

In addition to using DOCPAY for recurring card payments, many of our clients also take advantage of the low processing rates that DOCPAY has negotiated with U.S. Merchant Systems and convert ALL their card processing to USMS. Often offices who thought they were getting a good deal already on card processing have been shocked to find that they can save thousands of dollars per year by switching all of their card processing to USMS.

Whether you use a tradtitional card processing terminal or process your payments through card swipers attached to your computer, USMS can provide an inexpensive processng solution. Call DOCPAY at 800-936-2729 for a free, no obligation analysis today!


DOCPAY has partnered with one of the premier merchant service providers in the country (U.S. Merchant Systems) to add credit card processing to our portfolio of services. USMS has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been a partner of DOCPAY since 2006.

NO FEE Card Processing

The DOCPAY freedom plan offers a unique twist to card processing. Pay ony $29.95 per month and NO TRANSACTION FEES! Instead of the practice paying every time a card payment is accepted, the patient pays a small fee (3%) to the card processor. With DOCPAY freedom the practice can save THOUSANDS of dollars a year in processing fees!

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