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What is ConfiCheck?  How ConfiCheck Works 

ConfiCheck - Simple and Quick!

Here's how it works-

Offices using ConfiCheck are given a unique login and password to access an online account verification system.

While the client is still present, the staff person can login and verify the account. A single inquiry is made that verifies the account through multiple sources.

The account number is checked to see if it is one of 225 million bank accounts listed in the nation's largest online active account database (about 80% of all U.S. consumer accounts).

If the account is in that database, the system determines if the account currently has available funds and if the balance has remained positive the last 60 days. Your client's account can then be further verified against the nation's largest database of accounts with negative information (compiled from over 120,000 participating merchants). This database contains information on over 22 million accounts with returned checks.

Using the system and interpreting results is super easy. Every response is flagged either Green, Yellow or Red. Green means the account was located and there are no known problems. Yellow means the account was not found so a rating could not be given. Red means there are known problems with the account. In addition, every response has a plain English explanation of what the specific results were.

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