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Looking for an easy and effective way to collect large patient balances? No more payment plan fees! DOCPAY offers interest free payment plans that are also free to the practice. We also offer an affordable online patient payment portal.


What We Do

Patient Payment Plans

  • FREE to the practice
  • Use either ACH OR Credit Cards
  • Practice pays no merchant card processing fees
  • Interest free for the patient
  • Requires no credit check
  • Collect 100% – Practice pays NO DISCOUNT FEES!


  • When you set up a payment plan that debits the patient’s bank account each month, wouldn’t it be nice to know BEFORE you set up the payment plan if the patient has a history of bouncing checks? That’s what DOCPAY ConfiCheck does!
  • Only $10 per month.

Online Payments

DOCPAY can provide an easy and inexpensive patient payment portal. Our users typically pay hundreds of dollars LESS per month than clients using a payment portal provided by their practice management software or card processor!

Guaranteed Card Payment Plans

For a small surcharge set up card based plans that are guaranteed to pay 100% – even if the patient cancels their credit card before the plan is complete!

**(Guarantee Currently Limited to MasterCard and VISA credit cards. Non-Guaranteed plans can use MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express credit or debit cards)**


  • Bundle our services and receive a discount!
  • $15 per month for all of the above services-
    Payment Plans (including Guaranteed Pay Plans)
    Online Patient Payment Portal
    ConfiCheck Account Verification
  • [Includes Patient Payment Plans, Guaranteed Card Payment Plans, Online Payments, & ConfiCheck]


Do you have patients who can’t pay for their services all at once?

Offer an installment payment plan. DOCPAY Payment Plans are easy to set up and manage and are a good deal for both the practice and the patient! Best of all, the payment plan fees are paid by the patient, NOT the practice.

Discover the DOCPAY advantage and stop paying thousands of dollars a year to finance companies and credit card processors!

We handle the money so you can focus on your business.

One of the things we often hear is, “We used to do in-house payment plans but we stopped because it was just too much hassle.” DOCPAY TAKES AWAY THE HASSLE and handles it for you. You set up the payment plan on our site and then put it out of your mind. We send email reminders to your patients each month, collect the money from their account and let you know when we deposit it in your account. Think of DOCPAY as your “payment plans administrator”.

In the rare case that there is a problem with an account, we let you know and even tell you exactly how to handle it.

DOCPAY really is “Payment Plans Made Easy!”

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Discover our Solutions.

With several turn-key solutions here at DOCPAY plus some key partnerships, we have you covered on multiple platforms, so you can reduce the hassle  of running your office.

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