Payment Services for
Healthcare Professionals


Who we are

DOCPAY Payment Plans, DOCPAY Online Payments and ConfiCheck are service brands of Complete Systems, Inc., a corporation based in Waco, Texas. We specialize in providing financial services to the healthcare industry.

We have served the needs of doctors nationwide for over 30 years and have had the privilege of working with over 1,000 healthcare offices.

A bit of history

Complete Systems, Inc. started in 1982 as a provider of practice management software for dental offices. Eventually the software we developed was expanded to work in many types of practices including psychologists, optometrists, surgeons, obstetricians and family practice physicians.

We saw that many of our clients were frustrated with the solutions available to them for collecting large balances from patients. Since we had already written software to print monthly bank drafts for collection of our own monthly service fees, we offered a draft printing service to our doctors to collect from their patients.

So, in 1998, DOCPAY was born, first as a service bureau to print bank drafts and eventually evolving into the various electronic financial services now offered under the DOCPAY brand.

DOCPAY has become an immensely popular service! In fact, the majority of offices enrolling in DOCPAY do so as a result of recommendations by their peers. So far through DOCPAY, over 50,000 patients have been able to meet millions of dollars in financial obligations to their healthcare providers.

We pride ourselves in providing payment solutions that are fair to the practice and the patient.