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A bit of history

Complete Systems, Inc. started in 1982 as a provider of practice management software for dental offices. Eventually the software we developed was expanded to work in many types of practices including psychologists, optometrists, surgeons, obstetricians and family practice physicians.

We saw that many of our clients were frustrated with the solutions available to them for collecting large balances from patients. Since we had already written software to print monthly bank drafts for collection of our own monthly service fees, we offered a draft printing service to our doctors to collect from their patients.

So, in 1998, DOCPAY was born, first as a service bureau to print bank drafts and eventually evolving into the various electronic financial services now offered under the DOCPAY brand.

DOCPAY has become an immensely popular service! In fact, the majority of offices enrolling in DOCPAY do so as a result of recommendations by their peers. So far through DOCPAY, over 70,000 patients have been able to meet over 50 million dollars in financial obligations to their healthcare providers.

We handle the money so you can focus on your business.

One of the things we often hear is, “We used to do in-house payment plans but we stopped because it was just too much hassle.” DOCPAY TAKES AWAY THE HASSLE and handles it for you. You set up the payment plan on our site and can put it out of your mind. We send email reminders to your patients each month, collect the money from their account and let you know when we deposit it in your account.

In the rare case that there is a problem with an account, we let you know and even tell you exactly how to handle it.

DOCPAY really is “Payment Plans Made Easy!”

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Our Vision

DOCPAY’s vision is to break the old pattern of “paying to get paid”. We believe that if a patient is extended the privilege of an extended payment arrangement, then the practice should not have to pay for the patient to receive that privilege.

Our Mission

Our Mission at DOCPAY is to provide payment solutions that are fair and easy for both the practice and the patient.

“Docpay has made it much easier for our patients to accept treatment!”

Rebecca Pitner


DOCPAY offers healthcare providers easy and affordable solutions to receive both recurring and online payments. 

There aren’t enough great things to say about Docpay. Being a business that is almost 100% self-pay, I feel like I have researched every option available for patient financing. No one stands out quite like Docpay. Would highly recommend.

Amber Kratschmer


DOCPAY offers patients an easy and affordable way to pay off large balances WITHOUT having to pay interest, expensive financing fees or add to their credit burden. DOCPAY payment plans are totally off of the “credit radar” and don’t even require a credit check.

I wanted a way to pay for my dental work without having to go through the credit approval process and pay interest. I’m so glad my doctor offered a DOCPAY payment plan. It was easy and I’ll use it again.

Carla M.

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