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What is the term of a DOCPAY agreement? Am I locked in?

All DOCPAY agreements are month to month. You can stop using our services any time without any type of termination penalty or anything like that. There is a 1 year term though, that DOCPAY is locked into. That means we can’t change prices or terms on you during the first year. But you can cancel at any time (not that we’d ever give you any reason to want to).

What type of businesses use DOCPAY?

DOCPAY specializes in healthcare practices but occasionally will take on clients outside of the healthcare arena.

Do you have an affiliate program or allow others to sell DOCPAY.

We do offer an affiliate agreement to those individuals who want to promote DOCPAY. This is strictly a referral agreement. The affiliate refers prospects to DOCPAY. We follow up and sign them up and the affiliate receives a generous percentage of the transaction revenue that results.

My practice is in Canada. Can I sign up for DOCPAY?

No. Sorry but we can only process payments against U.S. bank accounts using U.S. currency. Your practice must provide a U.S. Federal Tax ID Number.

What type of documents are required to enroll?

Other than the DOCPAY enrollment agreement, new clients must provide a copy of the driver’s license of the practice owner and either a copy of a voided check printed with the practice name from the bank account we will be depositing funds into OR a letter from the bank showing ownership of the account. DOCPAY checks into the proper existence of each practice and may at times require other documentation such as a state or municipally issued business license.

Does DOCPAY ever decline to process for a practice?

Yes, DOCPAY may decline to accept a processing agreement if our verification process indicates the application or supporting documents are fraudulent. In addition, DOCPAY reserves the right to terminate processing for a practice if we see a pattern of declined payments with the patient complaining the payments were not authorized or any other evidence of fraudulent activity on the part of the practice.

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