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What is DOCPAY freedom?  Frequently Asked Questions 

STOP paying hundreds of dollars per month to accept credit cards!

Accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express card payments in your office and pay no transaction fees. Run as many card payments as you want for only $29.95 per month. That's it! There are no hidden addon fees, annual fees, monthly fees, statement fees, PCI compliance fees, etc.

How do we do it? Simple - instead of your practice paying the card processing fee, your patient does. When a patient makes a payment using a credit or debit card, two transactions are charged to the patient's card. One is paid to your practice. You receive 100% of that payment with nothing subtracted from it. The other charge is equal to 3% of the payment made to the practice (with a minimum fee of $2). The fee payment is made directly to the card processor. (If the card is American Express, a slightly higher fee is charged to the patient).

Use DOCPAY freedom to collect co-pays after the insurance benefit has been determined. Safely and securely store the patient's credit card at a MasterCard and VISA approved payment gateway. Once the EOB has been received and you know the patient's remaining co-payment, that amount can be charged to the patient's credit card (per the patient's previously signed authorization).

BONUS- DOCPAY freedom clients are automatically enrolled in the DOCPAY Payment Plans service (at no monthly fee). Offer recurring payment plans using either the patient's card account or bank account. Like with DOCPAY freedom, all processing fees are paid by the patient!

Sign up for DOCPAY freedom now and never pay another card processing fee!

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