Payment Services for
Healthcare Professionals


Not only does DOCPAY accept payment plans using credit cards, but those payments can be GUARANTEED for the low fee of only 1% + $1 per payment!

Basic Requirements-

 •  Your office must have a DOCPAYplus account
 •  The patient must use a MasterCard or VISA credit card (no debit cards)
 •  The patient's available credit line on the account must be greater than the plan total

How does it work?

The system reserves an amount of credit equal to the plan balance on your patient's credit card. This prevents the patient from setting up a payment plan to your office and then using money that's promised to you to spend on something else!

As the payments are charged each month, the amount reserved for paying your office is reduced by the amount of the payment.

Payments are GUARANTEED to be good. If the patient closes the card account, then the entire remaining balance is charged to the patient's credit account and MasterCard and VISA are required to pay it!

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