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What are DOCPAY Online Payments?

Have you ever wondered why large businesses like department stores and utility companies offer the ability to pay a bill online? Surely it must cost them money to provide that service. So, why do they do it when a customer can just mail a check?

These businesses have one thing in common. They have discovered a simple principle that pays off:

The easier it is to pay a bill,
… the sooner it gets paid!

So we offer a great way to make it easy and fast for patients to pay your office - DOCPAY Online Payments.

DOCPAY Online Payment is an Internet based payment portal that is custom branded for your practice. If you have a web site, patients just click on a link on your site that says "Pay my bill online" and enter their payment there. If you don't have a web site, then we can provide a custom web address that we set up for your practice. Patients just point their browser to that site and enter the payment there.

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