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Credit Card Processing

One of the biggest complaints we hear from healthcare practices is about the fees they have to pay for credit card processing.

DOCPAY solves part of that problem by paying the fees for you on recurring payments.

Your office can also benefit from receiving discounted processing rates on the rest of your card transactions. DOCPAY has negotiated special low rates with U.S. Merchant Systems that could save your practice a lot of money!

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Take Card Payments & Pay No Transaction Fees!

Pay only $29.95 per month and process as many card transactions as you want!

Card processing fees are paid by the patient and NOT the practice.

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Past Due Account Collection

Most collection agencies charge from 35-50% of the amount collected.

HOWEVER- we have found a firm that charge charges MUCH LESS (as low as 5%) and typically collects many more accounts successfully. What a great combination!

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FREE NSF Check Collection

- Yes- This service is FREE to the practice.

- No signup fee, no monthly fee!

- The only fee is an NSF fee PAID BY THE PATIENT.

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Web Services

Pay as little as $6.99 per month for web site hosting and $9.99 per year for domain name registration.

Are you paying more? You should be paying LESS!

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