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What is a DOCPAY Payment Plan?

DOCPAY Payment Plans are an effective and easy way to collect money from patients who can't afford to pay all at once. Our service allows you to automatically deduct money from your patient's bank account or credit card each month.

USE DOCPAY payment plans to:

Pay for elective procedures
Pay high deductibles and co-pays
Collect membership subscription fees
Pay off past due balances

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DOCPAY will help your practice:

Increase production. Patients are more likely to utilize your services if they can pay on installments.
Collect past due accounts. Patients are easily overwhelmed by a large balance. DOCPAY allows you to break the obligation down into smaller more affordable pieces.
Reduce Costs. With DOCPAY Pay Plans the processing cost is normally paid by the patient, not the practice.
Eliminate "Discount Fees". Unlike patient finance companies, DOCPAY does not charge a "discount fee".
Eliminate card processing fees on recurring payments. Many offices pay expensive card processing fees to utilize installment card payment capabilities built into their practice management software. Practices using DOCPAY’s recurring card payments PAY NO CARD PROCESSING FEES!
Increase customer good will. Patients love that they are not charged interest on their payment plan. Also, creating a DOCPAY payment plan does NOT decrease the patient's credit score or overall creditworthiness.

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