Payment Services for
Healthcare Professionals

Do you have patients who can't pay for their services all at once?

Offer an installment payment plan. DOCPAY Payment Plans are easy to set up and manage and are a good deal for both the practice and the patient!

Best of all, the payment plan fees are paid by the patient, NOT the practice.

Discover the DOCPAY advantage and stop paying thousands of dollars a year to finance companies and credit card processors!

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Many patients hate writing checks and would rather pay online.

In fact, according to a recently published national study on healthcare payment trends, 79% of consumers surveyed indicated they would pay their doctor bill online if they were given that choice.

DOCPAY offers healthcare practices the ability to easily add a "Pay my bill online" button to their practice's web site.

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Instantly verify a patient's bank account. Determine if known problems exist (such as frequent bounced checks) before setting up a payment plan or accepting a large paper check.

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Our most popular option!

-  Patient Payment Plans
-  Online Payment Portal
-  Conficheck

All 3 services for only $15 per month!

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Other Services

-  Credit Card Processing
-  NSF Check Collection
-  Past Due Account Collection
-  Web hosting & Web Domain registration

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