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DOCPAY Payment Plans

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DOCPAY Payment Plans

DOCPAY Payment Plans are an effective and easy way to collect money from patients who can’t afford to pay all at once. Our service allows you to automatically deduct money from your patient’s bank account or credit card each month.

USE DOCPAY payment plans to:

  • Pay for elective procedures
  • Pay high deductibles and co-pays
  • Collect membership subscription fees
  • Pay off past due balances


DOCPAY will help your practice:

  • Increase production. Patients are more likely to utilize your services if they can pay on installments.
  • Collect past due accounts. DOCPAY allows you to break the obligation down into smaller more affordable pieces.
  • Reduce Costs. Processing cost is paid by the patient, not the practice.
  • Eliminate Costly “Discount Fees”. 0% “discount fees”.
  • Eliminate card processing fees.
  • Increase customer good will. Patients love paying no interest or affecting their credit.
"Please just cut to the chase. How much does DOCPAY cost?"

DOCPAYplus payment plans are totally free to the practice, with all transaction fees being paid by the patient. ($3 per ACH payment. The fee for card payments is higher and is dependent on the size of the payment).

It’s a really simple system. For example if a patient needs to pay $100 per month using ACH payments, then each month the patient will be debited $103. DOCPAY keeps the $3 fee and pays $100 to the practice.

”How much of the Payment Plan do I receive?”

Unlike with a patient finance company plan, you receive 100% of what the patient pays against the principal balance! The only exception to that is if you elect to have a card based payment plan guaranteed. The fee for a guaranteed payment is only 1% of the payment amount plus $1 per payment (less than you would pay to run the payment through a card processing terminal).

"How does a patient qualify for a DOCPAY Payment Plan?"

All that DOCPAY requires is a signed authorization from the patient and their bank or card information. Any other requirements are totally up to the discretion of the doctor’s office.

"Are there any dollar limits?”


"What does the practice have to do each month to get paid?"

NOTHING! That’s one of the big advantages of DOCPAY. The payments are automatically run each month and automatically deposited.

"How often does the practice receive payments from DOCPAY?"

All DOCPAY payments (both ACH & credit card) are paid to the practice a week after they are collected, on the 3rd, 10th, 18th or 25th. On each of the settlement dates, the practice will receive a detailed settlement report showing which payments were received and how much each payment was.

How DOCPAY Payment Plans Work

DOCPAY payment plans are simple and quick to set up and easy to administer.

1. Agree with the patient on a payment schedule and enter the plans into the DOCPAY website. The patient signs an authorization form which you will keep on file.
2. Each month, the payment is automatically debited from the patient bank account or charged to their credit card.
3. Several days later, the collected money is direct deposited into your bank account and you receive a detailed report listing all payments processed on your behalf.

"These are checks drawn on the patient's bank account (or credit card). Can they possibly bounce or be declined?"

Yes, and on the non-guaranteed payment plans occasionally some will do just that. However, the patient has agreed to allow your office to deduct payments from their bank account or card account until you are fully paid. If one does bounce, the transaction will be resubmitted as an additional payment at the end of the payment plan. There is nothing your office has to do when a payment bounces! So when a monthly payment is returned for “Insufficient Funds”, you have not lost money. The payment plan completion is just delayed a bit.

On Guaranteed Pay payment plans though, the payments cannot bounce! The payments are secured by a pre-authorization so the plan will be collected successfully even if your client closes their credit card account!

"What about payments that are declined month after month?"

When a patient’s payment is declined or returned for three consecutive months, you will receive an “excessive returns” notice, encouraging you to modify the terms of the pay plan or change the account it is drawn from. If it is declined or returned a 4th consecutive month, then the plan is canceled so you can pursue other collection options before the account becomes too old to easily collect. Although this does occasionally happen, we have found it occurs very rarely. On the average, less than 2/10 of 1% of ACH based payment plans had to be cancelled due to excessive returned payments!

"What happens if the patient closes their bank account on an ACH based plan?"

DOCPAY processes thousands of payments every month for hundreds of offices across the country. We have found the average rate of this type of return is only about 1.5%. So, although it does occasionally happen, the occurrence rate is so low that it becomes inconsequential. We have also found that about half of the time an account is closed it’s because the patient changed banks and simply forgot to notify the doctor’s office. In that case we restart the payment plan with the new account number and keep collecting payments.

"What can be done to reduce the risk involved with this type of payment plan?"

Although you can offer a payment plan to any patient with a checking account or credit card, there are some patients for whom you may want to avoid using DOCPAY , To reduce risk, first, require clients to make a down payment equal to at least 25% of the patient’s balance. Second, match the payment amount to the patient’s ability to pay. Obviously someone who makes less than $2000 per month will have difficulty with a $500 per month payment. Third, if you do not have previous payment experience with a patient and the payment is to be made by ACH, pre-qualify them by using our optional ConfiCheck Account Verification service.

On credit card payments, use our unique “Guaranteed Pay” option to assure that payments will not be declined.

"Is there any fee that is charged if my patient's payment is returned uncollectable?"

The practice is never charged a return handling fee! However the patient is charged a $15 Late Fee for each missed payment.

On Guaranteed Pay payment plans though, the payments cannot bounce! The payments are secured by a pre-authorization so the plan will be collected successfully even if your client closes their credit card account before the plan is complete!

"How do "Guaranteed Pay" payment plans work?"

If a patient has a MasterCard or VISA branded credit card (debit cards can’t be used for guaranteed plans) and the card has at least as much spending limit remaining as the total amount of the payment plan, then the payment plan can be guaranteed. DOCPAY will reserve a portion of the patient’s credit line on their card account to be used only for your payment plan. This prevents the patient from spending money promised to your practice on other card purchases. As each monthly card payment is charged, the amount of the credit limit reserved for your plan is reduced by the amount they pay.

DOCPAY Online Payments

By providing a convenient and easy way to quickly pay their bill, patients are much more likely to pay it sooner rather than later.

  • Allows you to place a “Pay my Bill Online” button on your website. If you don’t have a website, give the patient the web address for the payment portal and they can go straight there.
  • Branded to look like a part of your own website with your logo & colors
  • Emails a receipt to patient and a payment notification to your office
  • Accept either electronic check or credit card payments
  • Option to allow patients to set up “Split-Pay” arrangement
  • Only $10 per month.
  • Practice can accept payments without paying transaction fees!
“I thought that only large companies could afford to take payments on the Internet.”

That used to be the case. But with DOCPAY Online, even a small medical or dental practice can easily afford this convenience. The cost is low. There is a web payment gateway fee of only $10 per month. The only other cost is a small ‘per transaction’ fee which may be paid by either the patient or the practice (your choice).

"I don't have a website. How can I take payments on the Web?"

We provide a personalized web-based payment site for you. If you don’t have a website, then place the URL we provide for your payment site on your statements. You don’t have to be technical or know anything about putting things on the web to participate. If you already have a website, we can give you simple instructions for having your web programmer add a “Pay My Bill Online” link to your existing web page.

“How will my patients know to pay online?”

Either place a line on your monthly statement that says, “Save a stamp – pay your bill online at PRACTICE NAME or stuff an insert in your statement that tells them about the new payment option. Some practices even add a QR code to their patient statements that send the patient right to the payment page. Of course patients also know they can pay online when they see the “Pay My Bill Online” button on your website.

“If I already have a website, can I accept payments through it?”

Sure! If you already have a website, we can provide you with the simple instructions on how to add a “Pay my bill online” button to your existing site. The patient clicks on the button, which takes him to our payment site. Once the payment is complete, the patient is sent back to the homepage on your own website.

“How will my office know a patient has paid and receive payment?”

DOCPAY will email you a notice each time a payment is received so you can post it against a patient’s account. DOCPAY will electronically credit your account after it clears the bank (several days later). The patient is also emailed a payment receipt as soon as the payment is entered. A list of payments made online is also available on the secure DOCPAY web site.

“What payment types are allowed?”

Either electronic checks (ACH) or card payments are accepted. Card payments can be made using MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express credit or debit cards. At your option, patients can also have the choice of entering a Split-Payment. In that case the patient pays part of the balance immediately and the remainder is collected automatically in the next several months. Most practices limit Split-Payments to the down payment and up to 3 additional monthly payments.

“When will the practice receive the money that was paid online?”

Payments are credited to your account one week after the payment date (in order to allow time for the funds to clear).

“How much does DOCPAY online cost?”

There is a $10 monthly fee. This fee is discounted if you enroll in the DOCPAY Bundle (includes payment plans, ConfiCheck and DOCPAY Online) or if you enroll 3 or more offices. The transaction fee can be paid by either the patient or the practice (your choice). Most practices elect to have the patient pay the fee if they choose to pay by card and the practice picks up the fee if they pay by ACH. This way the patient has at least one option to pay without a fee and the practice doesn’t have to pay the more expensive card fees. The transaction fees are $1.50 for electronic check payments and $1.50 plus 3% for card based payments.


What is ConfiCheck/ Benefits?

DOCPAY ConfiCheck provides an easy and quick way to validate a patient’s checking account.

Set up payment plans with increased confidence!
Although ConfiCheck does not guarantee that any particular check will be good when it is finally presented to a bank, it does help the practice to greatly reduce the risk involved in accepting automatic payments from an account.

ConfiCheck is much less expensive than a credit check. Credit checks typically cost $10 to $20 each. But ConfiCheck is AFFORDABLE. The fee is only $10 per month! Your monthly subscription includes the cost of 30 account inquiries per month. Additional inquiries after the first 10 are only $2 each.

QUICKLY determine if you want to accept a large check. In less than 5 seconds you’ll have a much better idea as to whether or not you want to accept checks from an account.

Accept Checks with Confidence – Use ConfiCheck!

Here's how it works:

While the client is still present, the staff person can login and verify the account. A single inquiry is made that verifies the account through multiple sources.

The account number is checked to see if it is one of 300 million bank accounts listed in the nation’s largest online active account database (about 80% of all U.S. consumer accounts).

If the account is in that database, the system determines if the balance has remained positive the last 60 days. Your client’s account can then be further verified against the nation’s largest database of accounts with negative information (compiled from over 200,000 participating merchants). This database contains information on over 22 million accounts with returned checks.

Using the system and interpreting results is super easy. Every response is flagged either Green, Yellow or Red. Green means the account or the account holder was located and there are no known problems. Yellow means the account was not found so a rating could not be given. Red means there are known problems with the account. In addition, every response has a plain English explanation of what the specific results were.


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